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    About Us
    We never underestimate the importance of the quality of care we provide to our families. Here they share their perspectives on the care we felt very privileged to provide.

    German Shepherd
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 2/23/2009)
    "Thank you for your genuine care and prompt service and comforting words."

    Deborah S.
    Sharpsville, PA
    Himalayan Cat
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 2/18/2009)
    "Everyone was extremely compassionate and listened to what we wanted done."

    Larry S.
    Sharon, PA
    Manchester Terrier
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 2/6/2009)
    "The ladies treated me as a friend and actually cared; knowing what I was feeling at that very time. You were wonderful. In this difficult decision - I was comforted and made to feel my decision was ok! There are Angels on earth - they touch us when we need help. Dr Altman and the girls at Hillcrest-Flynn are true Angels and ready when we need them."

    Kathy S.
    New Castle, PA
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 1/22/2009)
    "I am grateful for the understanding and sympathetic way I was treated and my pet was handled."

    Steve R.
    Saegertown, PA
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 1/12/2009)
    "I'm so very glad for the option provided for us by Hillcrest.It was so difficult to lose Tribbles but can't imagine what it would have been like without the comfort and support we received. I'm not sure what I expected when we arrived but I can't say enough about the service we received - it was fantastic."

    Malcena M.
    New Castle, PA
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 1/10/2009)
    "We are in debt to the entire staff at Hillcrest-Flynn. They gave us a level of care and compassion from our first phone call to our time of healing that we are forever grateful. Thank you all. You are in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless..."

    Jeff and Leigh Ann M.
    Hermitage, PA
    Little Boy
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 1/2/2009)
    "I thought you had Little Boy looking so peaceful when I saw him again in the viewing room. You were very helpful in every way possible. Thanks alot."

    Ann Marie S.
    New Wilmington, PA
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 12/23/2008)
    "You took care of all details. You were compassionate and very considerate. Thank you for being there as a professional and a friend."

    Dan. J.
    Hermitage, PA
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 12/18/2008)
    "Thank you for your caring, respectfulness, kindness and understanding."

    Donna O.
    Hermitage, PA
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 12/9/2008)
    "They make you feel like they are concerned over your loss and understand the pain you are going through."

    Janet C.
    Mercer, PA
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 11/26/2008)
    "Compassionate, caring people....This is a wonderful thing for anyone experiencing the loss of a beloved pet."

    Betsy and John M.
    Transfer, PA
    Golden Retriever
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 11/6/2008)
    "Roberta and Jen were just great - very warm, understanding and comforting. We especially liked the memorial service Dec. 13th in the chapel. It was so heart felt to see the great turnout! So many people who love their pets like family members and all the grieving that took place. You didn't feel alone."

    Robin and Jim G.
    Hermitage, PA
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 10/25/2008)
    "very caring-very professional yet compassionate.... excellent employees"

    Marcena C.
    Farrell, PA
    Dog- Great Dane/ Boxer Mix
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 10/21/2008)
    "I was aware of Hillcrest Flynn Pet Funeral Home & Crematory through the Chamber of Commerce. When we had to make the decision to put our Fletcher down, we knew we wanted cremation and our vet gave us the option to use Hillcrest Flynn. When I picked up Fletcher's remains, the staff was so comforting & wonderful! The staff helped me realize that I did the right thing by ending my dog's suffering. I never realized how much Fletcher was apart of our life, until he was gone. What a great dog he was!!!!"

    Kathleen K.
    Farrell, PA
    Staffordshire Terrier
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 10/15/2008)
    "I wish we would have known about Hillcrest-Flynn with our previous two dogs because we sure would of used your services first. Many thanks."

    Teresa W.
    Austintown, OH
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 10/14/2008)
    "Just talking with me on the phone-following up to see how I was doing - the Christmas bulb, everything - etc. The lady that helped me was wonderful. God bless her, I couldn't have done it without her help."

    Donna M.
    Hermitage, PA
    Dog- Cocker
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 10/8/2008)
    "The staff was very kind and supportive. My dog was treated as part of my family,not just as an animal. I appreciate having someone there who understood what I was going through and knowing that my pet was treated respectfully."

    Jan U.
    Hermitage, PA
    Dog, Chihuaha
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 10/1/2008)
    "The staff is very caring and compassionate during a very difficult time. Just want to say thank you so very much to all of you for hte special love and kindness you have shown us during a difficult time. We tell everyone how wonderful you are and highly recommend."

    John and Sue P.
    Hubbard, OH
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 9/30/2008)
    They picked her up from the vet and let me know that she was there and being taken care of. Everyone showed so much compassion and genuine caring.

    Mary K.
    Transfer, Pa
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 5/24/2008)
    "Everyone was so compassionate and understood what our pet meant to us."

    John P.
    Youngstown, OH
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 4/17/2008)
    "Thank you for treating my precious Jake like the beloved family member that he was."

    Michelle M.
    Sharon, PA
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 4/8/2008)
    I trusted them with my deceased pet. The staff and I share the same passion for dogs and they understand my loss

    Charlene & Tom G.
    Hermitage, Pa
    Labardor / Rottweiler Mix
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 3/18/2008)
    "I felt they handled my pet with care and did not make me feel uncomfortable being so distraught with grief. They assisted me the most with the death of my pet by having a place to take my dog where he was treated with dignity and caring instead of someone saying "he was just a dog." That always hurts so much."

    Amy W.
    Grove City, PA
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 3/6/2008)
    "I felt comfortable bringing my pet here because of the personal interaction with the staff, compassion and understanding they conveyed and the sharing of personal pet stories. Overall I felt like my experience at Hillcrest-Flynn Pet Funeral Home & Crematory was excellent because of the availability of cremation options, compassion, personal care & understanding, someone to share grief and the love of my pet."

    Donna T.
    Sharon, PA
    Chiuahua Mix
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 3/5/2008)
    "This was by far the saddest thing for me and words can't express the warmth and care I received and the special way you treated Cheech. I will be forever grateful for your compassion. You are very special people! God Bless you for the job you do!!!"

    Laurie M.
    Sharpsville, PA
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 2/16/2008)
    They care about you, your pet, and your feelings

    Bill & Linda H.
    Greenville, Pa
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 2/13/2008)
    Very Supportive, caring & understanding of my loss.

    Lisa R.
    Sharpsville, Pa
    Shepherd Mix
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 2/5/2008)
    "It was so comforting to know that my dog, Rocky was being treated with love and respect because we loved him as a family member."

    Barb S.
    Sharon, PA
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 1/29/2008)
    I was able to take Charlie right away to be cremated and was able to pick up his ashes that same day. Roberta talked to me, comforted me and made me feel like she really cared and understood my pain.

    Ginny N.
    Mercer, Pa
    Golden Retriever
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 1/26/2008)
    Being able to stay with him as long as we needed to and knowing that he was treated special, with dignity and respect. Jenny talked and comforted us and made us feel she understood our pain.

    Lori B.
    Mercer, Pa
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 1/11/2008)
    "I think the word that sums everything up the very best is SUPPORTIVE. You assisted me the most by allowing me to keep things simple and not make me feel I was doing too little."

    Leah B
    New Wilmington, PA
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 4/19/2007)

    I cannot begin to tell every pet owner out there what outstanding service Hillcrest-Flynn Pet Funeral Home and Crematory offers. When you lose your pet, you would think they had lost their pet. You can just feel the sorrow they are feeling for you. Their words of comfort seem to be so special.

    Our Cupcake was respected after she passed, as she was when she was still with us. All of us want our pets to be treated like family. From our hearts, our family can honestly tell you that the staff of Hillcrest-Flynn Pet Funeral Home and Crematory will treat your pet as you did.

    The compassion, concern and comfort that the staff opens up to you is just wonderful. When we knew Cupcake had to go to rest, the comfort of knowing Mr. Flynn's facility and staff would be available right from the emotional decision to the end was certainly the beginning of peace for us.

    As I am in my 12th year with our county Humane Society and have had to be present for several animals that had to be put to rest due to suffering, I thought I would be very strong when it came to Cupcake. I was totally wrong. As I know now, it made it worse for me when it was time for Cupcake to leave us.

    Our family would not be where we are now with the loss of Cupcake if we didn't have the understanding and comfort that we were so fortunate to have with the services and staff of Hillcrest-Flynn Pet Funeral Home and Crematory.

    We hope everyone will visit the beautiful facility and certainly consider their services when the time comes for you to depart from your pet.
    Sandi is executive director of the Mercer County Humane Society.

    John and Sandi Drabick
    Farrell, PA
    Basset Hound
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 3/16/2007)
    The care we received for Fred, our basset, was wonderful. We couldn't have asked for more! They came and picked up Fred, they did the cremation, and we took her home with us.

    It was really nice to have someone else to talk with, someone who truly loves pets and who's been through it herself. We think the paw print impression they gave us of her slightly turned out paw is so special.

    Teri and Rich Richmond
    Mercer, PA
    Black Labrador Retriever
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 3/9/2007)
    We didn't know that there was a service like this. We were surprised that they would come to the veterinarian's office and take care of everything, and we could pick up the ashes the same day.

    It was a comfort and a blessing to have this service available to us -- to make a horrible day a lot easier to bear. We also thought the price we paid wasn't bad at all, and we've even told several people who have pets about it.

    Betsy and John Mora
    New Castle, PA
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 3/2/2007)
    The following is a letter we received from one of our families whose beloved pet rests in our Pet Garden.

    Roberta, I'm not real sure where to begin, but I know without you my loss would have been even more difficult. Mom and I are so thankful for you and your caring heart. It's so wonderful to know that when you face one of the darkest days of your life, a caring friend knows what you are going through and feeling too! I'm so very grateful for you.


    Marti Angott-Grata
    Hermitage, PA
    Iron Mike
    Medium-Length Feline Mix
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 1/1/2007)
    Iron Mike was skinny, sickly, beaten and dumped off in my neighborhood, and so when I finally took him in, I kept him indoors. Tragically, an operation to remove a lump on his throat severed the nerve of his esophagus. So when it was time to have him euthanized, I called Flynn's.

    The pet funeral director stayed with us at the vet's office right through the euthanasia. She said, "I'll take good care of him." When his ashes were ready, she gave me his paw print and a clipping of his fur. She and Flags (the resident cat) and the two dogs (Roberta's service dogs, Tara and Nika), who were there, later sent me a sympathy card. I told Roberta, "I'm so happy with your service, I'm going to give you $50. There is no amount of money that can compensate you for what you did." She said she could not keep it and that she would put it in a fund for people who cannot afford these services.

    I was very pleased with Roberta, her support and help, and her sympathy and empathy. We never expected her to be at the vet's office. I think this is a service that is much needed by people. People like me who make a big investment and have a lot of love for their pets. He was my best friend. We spend a lot of time together. We slept and ate together. I was delighted Roberta was there for me.

    When I sat down with Mr. Flynn and told him that my mom's last wishes had not been honored when she was dying, he said he would absolutely not let that happen to Iron Mike. I was so impressed with John that I'll never forget it. My pet was treated with more respect and dignity than my mother.

    Karen Shannon
    Pittsburgh, PA
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge )
    "You make me feel as if I lost a family member. Your place is so special. I don't know how anyone could choose anything else for their beloved pet. Thank you so much for your compassion. I couldn't have coped at that time without you."

    Sandy C.
    Sharon, PA
    (Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge )
    "When they picked up our Ashley and they called me and kept me informed every step of the way was so helpful. They comforted me and talked so kindly - that helped ALOT. Thank you!"

    Terrie A.
    New Wilmington, PA

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