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    Dog Licenses
    Hillcrest Dog Park and Wellness Center
    What is the dog park and wellness center?
    Hillcrest Dog Park and Wellness Center is a safe and secure, private play and exercise membership facility for dogs and their owners. Private meaning your dog or dogs must meet certain behavior standards in order to be a member so your dog’s and your safety is protected.

    What types of behavior requirements are required of my dog(s)?
    Dogs must meet and pass temperament testing and AKC Canine Good Citizen qualifications. These tests evaluate your dog when in a controlled environment, such as reaction to a friendly stranger or another dog.

    Who provides these tests?
    The tests are administered to your dog(s) by the director of the dog park, who is a licensed certified trainer.

    Are wellness programs and other activities available?
    In addition to the dog park, we offer a full calendar of wellness programs and activities for pets and pet owners. Please see our calendar of events.

    Are there certain breeds of dogs excluded from membership?
    For insurance liability purposes, application for membership excludes the following breeds of dogs: Akita, Chow Chow, Doberman Pinscher, Pit Bull, Rotweiler and Wolf Hybrid.

    Who can bring the dog to the dog park?
    Only the owner (or authorized person) of the dog or dogs may accompany the dog or dogs inside the dog park.

    What do I have to do to use the dog park?
    You must complete a membership application and provide a copy of your dog’s or dogs’ current vaccination information and license. You, the designated dog handler, must also sign a waiver of use.

    When can I use the dog park?
    Once you are a qualified member, you may use the dog park 24/7.

    How will I enter the dog park?
    You will receive a key card with your membership for entry inside the dog park.

    Is the dog park lighted if I want to use the dog park after dark?
    Yes. The dog park is well lit for use after dark.

    What type of security is provided?
    The dog park is secured with a double-gated fence entry that can only be accessed with a membership key card.

    Is the dog park monitored by camera.
    Yes. The dog park is monitored by a camera round the clock.

    Can I bring other family and friends’ dogs along with me to play with my dog?
    You may bring only dog or dogs of family and friends who are members since only dogs that have been approved for temperament are allowed inside the dog park. Please refer to the membership form or call 724-347-5100 to get the application process started for dogs of family and friends.

    Can I bring other types of pets to the dog park other than my dog(s)?
    No. The dog park is specially designed for dogs only (dogs who have met the membership requirements).

    Is there a fee for being a member?
    Yes. The membership fees are $10 per week, $30 per month, $75 per quarter and $295 per year for the first dog per household. A fee of $2 per week, $5 per month, $15 per quarter and $50 per year is charged for each additional dog per household for which you are applying for membership.

    If my dog is not neutered or spayed can I still use the dog park?
    Yes. But you must watch your dog closely.

    If my dog is in season, can I use the dog park?
    No. You are not permitted to use the dog park when your dog is in or near season.

    Are children permitted in the dog park?
    No child under the age of 8 is permitted inside the dog park. One child age 8 or older per parent is permitted in the dog park at a time.

    Can I smoke on the premises?
    Smoking is restricted to the marked designated area only.

    What can I do while my pet is using the dog park?
    Benches and a picnic area with tables and chairs are provided for watching your dog play and exercise or socializing with other dog owners. The dog park property is WiFi ready so you can use your laptop and other wireless equipment that support the 802.11b and 802.11g standards found in most airports, coffee shops and other wireless-enabled locations.

    Will there be water available for my dog?
    Fresh water is always available for your dog. Please use the designated dispenser station.

    Must I clean up after my dog?
    You must clean up after your dog immediately. Waste bags are provided and must be disposed of in the marked waste receptacles.

    Can I use the dog park in the snow?
    Yes. The parking lot and paths to the dog park are plowed so that your dog and you can enjoy the outdoors in cold weather. Do not use the dog park in extreme cold weather when your dog’s health may be at risk.

    Is there any shade in the warm weather?
    Yes. The dog park has a tree-shaded area. Do not use the dog park in extreme hot weather when your dog’s health may be at risk.

    Can my membership be revoked?
    Negative changes in your dog’s or dogs’ behavior, not providing up-to-date health records or licenses for your dog or dogs, or misuse of the dog park by you, your family members, authorized person or your dog or dogs can result in your membership being revoked.

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